I speak with quite a few Mac users who claim they do not run any antivirus products on their machine. I find this troubling as some of them are business associates who either directly process or somehow interact with my data. The sad fact is that these users are not just unprotected, but are dangerously disconnected from the realm of cybersecurity and the target of the inventors of the latest Mac Malware, “Tarmac”.

At the time of this writing, Tarmac, distributed by malicious online ads, has unknown intentions. Security researchers believe that the malware is still in reconnaissance mode and not in communication with its command-and-control servers. The interesting thing about Tarmac is that it looks like a perfectly legit app to built-in Mac OS security mechanisms knows as Gatekeeper and XProtect because it was signed using a genuine Apple developer certificate ($99).

Regardless of how secure you think your Mac is, I encourage you to purchase or upgrade to one of the top antivirus products for the Mac. But don’t take my word for it, there are a number of Mac publications, including Mac World, which encourages the same:


It’s difficult to believe that Apple’s apathy toward security matters, chronicled by a rising level of security holes, combined with the false sense of security surrounding its user base is anything but a prelude to some sort of mass Mac epidemic.